Cost of IVF Treatment And Egg Donation Center in Pakistan

IVF or Invitro fertilization is a process by which the ova or ovum is detached from the ovaries, keeping a check on the ovulation cycle of the women. It is then fertilized with a sperm in an outside fluid medium in the laboratory. The fertilized eggs are transfused into the patient’s uterus.

Pregnancy and problems related to pregnancy are varied and many. Plenty of women are unable to conceive for many medical reasons. Therefore, many turn to IVF as there has been a great deal of success in this type of treatment lately.

IVF is the latest treatment for those who have problems of infertility. This treatment was researched and developed by Robert G. Edwards and is the winner of the prestigious Nobel price physiology or medicine for 2010.

The Test Tube treatment as it is also called has gained momentum and popularity, and today millions have become benefactors of this treatment of Invitro fertilization i.e. IVF. To get treatment the first step is to get detailed consultation by some experienced consultant.

In India IVF is done in many clinics and hospitals by well known doctors. The IVF price in Pakistan and is reasonable and affordable. Here, the doctors are specialized and give one of the best treatment in the world. The clinics and center’s are well equipped with latest technology medical equipment used for this treatment.

The egg donation centre in Pakistan accepts sperm donors and donor eggs for up-to age 33 years. Before accepting donor eggs, they are screened for genetic problems such as HIV, hepatitis etc then under anesthesia, the eggs are removed from the vagina and are fertilized with the husband’s sperm.

These IVF are coated all over by cryoprotectant and are preserved by constantly dipping it in liquid nitrogen. Not only giving birth, it can also help in controlling multiple births, with the help of calculated shift of Embryos. They have been adopted by many people all around the world and are proven to be successful in many of the cases. The egg donation centers have been made in the best possible manner to attain maximum achievement in this field with the best support of highly qualified doctors.

There are Egg Donation Centre in Pakistan which are situated in most metros at strategic locations. Infertility in married couples causes considerable anxiety and mental stress. In-vitro clinics have counselors who guides and advices young couples in the line of treatment. Most of their queries, such as, cost of IVF in Pakistan or other countries, number of days for the treatment etc are answered.